Earlier visibility of diversity data for earlier intervention

StudyTeam® is an innovative clinical trial solution that equips sponsors with diversity insights during enrollment.

Why is collecting diversity data early so important?

The majority of data collected on diversity in clinical trials is either post-consent or post-randomization data. Because of this, by the time you see you have missed your recruitment diversity goals, it is too late to take action.

Use StudyTeam to identify diversity challenges – and take corrective action as early as possible

Sponsors who use StudyTeam gain access to earlier reporting of recruitment and enrollment metrics categorized by race and ethnicity. Accessing this data as early as pre-screening means that sponsors can take the necessary steps to intervene and adjust recruitment strategies while enrollment is still taking place.

How it works

Capture diversity data early in enrollment.

Your sites easily capture and document race and ethnicity data right in StudyTeam for Sites while they are pre-screening potential participants. This ensures that race and ethnicity data is collected for every single patient – not just the ones who are ultimately enrolled in a trial.

Access reporting and insights.

You access comprehensive, de-identified reporting categorized by race and ethnicity within StudyTeam for Sponsors. These interactive reports allow you to evaluate diversity representation across the entire trial as well as at individual sites.

Enact change to meet diversity goals.

You can identify where patients are dropping out of the enrollment funnel and assess if there are any trends that may disproportionately affect certain populations. You can then take action to remove unnecessary restrictions or barriers that may exclude certain groups of patients from trial eligibility or enrollment.

Identify challenges, measure progress, and act sooner to make your research more representative

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About StudyTeam

StudyTeam, our cloud-based patient enrollment management platform, enables sites and sponsors to collaborate more effectively on clinical trials. The goal? Accelerating the development of new and life-saving therapies.