Proactively increase diversity tracking in your clinical trials

Get visibility into your progress toward diversity goals when patients are in the enrollment funnel

Why is Diversity in Clinical Trials Important?

To generate the most relevant data on the efficacy of a therapy or medical device, clinical trial participants need to represent the diverse population that will eventually use it. Per FDA draft guidance, sponsors will be required to create and implement Race and Ethnicity Diversity Plans for phase 3 studies, and other pivotal studies, of new therapies.

As global diversity measures continue to take shape, it’s critical that sponsors ensure their clinical trial technology has diversity reporting capabilities to track progress toward these initiatives – and to inform early interventions as needed.

Use StudyTeam to track progress toward your diversity goals during pre-screening

Sponsors who use StudyTeam Diversity Reports access insights about:

overall trial performance
I/E criteria failures
reasons potential patients decline to participate

All of these insights are categorized by race and ethnicity. This enables you to pinpoint diversity challenges earlier in the enrollment funnel, whether specific I/E criteria are disproportionately affecting certain populations or whether specific patient populations are declining to participate in your trial for reasons that could be addressed.

StudyTeam Diversity Reporting Benefits

Gain actionable insights earlier

Don’t wait to receive insights about patient representation until after informed consent, enrollment, and randomization. The sooner you get insights with StudyTeam, the sooner you can course correct.

Identify causes of underrepresentation

Get specific insights from your sites’ de-identified pre-screening data. Note patterns in I/E criteria failures across underrepresented populations, and reasons populations decline to participate.

Track progress toward your diversity goals

Whether you’re implementing an FDA Race and Ethnicity Diversity Plan or following another recommendation, start tracking progress toward your goals at the very beginning of your enrollment funnel.

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