All patients. All sources. One system.

Accelerate and adapt patient recruitment efforts with two vendor-agnostic integrations that consolidate all patient sources and referrals into one single location.

Referral Partner Interface (RPI)

With RPI, patient referrals coming from any digital source for your clinical trials are automatically imported directly into StudyTeam® for Sites, where site teams can easily review, pre-screen, and enroll patients in one centralized location.

Website Modules

Choose from a number of easy-to-use interactive tools that can be embedded into any website to collect and route potential patient information directly into StudyTeam for Sites, where site teams continue to manage recruitment and enrollment.

Accelerate trial enrollment with early and accurate visibility of all your patient recruitment efforts

Reduce site burden

Eliminate duplicate data entry, lost referrals, and manual consolidation of patient information so that your sites can easily screen and enroll patients in a single system.

Evaluate recruitment performance & ROI

Assess performance of all patient sources with comprehensive reporting in a single location. Utilize data to make decisions – address roadblocks or invest in high-performing channels to reach recruitment and enrollment goals.

Enable a patient-centric experience

Quickly collect patient pre-screening information with a customizable and user-friendly experience. Eligible patients are routed directly into StudyTeam for Sites with no follow-up actions needed from the patient.

Top 20 Sponsor Optimizes Global Recruitment ROI

Read how a top sponsor was able to reach their enrollment goal 4 weeks sooner than planned with the help of Referral Partner Interface (RPI).

Take action with recruitment insights

Use the Referral Report in StudyTeam for Sponsors to make data-backed decisions to help you reach your enrollment goals faster.

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About Referral Partner Interface (RPI) and Website Modules

Are you already integrated with my recruitment partner?
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We currently have direct integrations with a variety of recruitment and referral vendors. If your preferred recruitment partner is not one of the companies already integrated, we will work with them to establish the integration as we activate Referral Partner Interface (RPI) for your portfolio.

What will my sites think about using StudyTeam for Sites to review patient referrals?
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On more than 100 studies, when given a choice, 93% of sites have chosen to use StudyTeam over other methods of managing patient recruitment and enrollment. We’re confident your sites will find value not only for managing patient referrals, but for pre-screening and enrolling patients in their daily workflows.

In which countries are these capabilities available?
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Referral Partner Interface (RPI) and Website Modules are both currently available in 100 countries and counting. We are actively expanding to new regions — please contact us to get our most up-to-date country map.

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