Bring efficiency to forecasting and budget management processes with Site Financials

Site Financials is a clinical trial financial management software suite that makes tracking and billing for clinical trials more efficient and accurate to ensure maximum compensation.

Get paid for all the work you do.

Ensure accurate invoicing for your clinical research site with capabilities directly connected to your trial protocol, study activities, and patient visits already implemented within StudyTeam® for Sites.

Generate budgets from digitized protocols in minutes.
Automatically track visit and activity completion as well as associated dollar amounts.
Easily customize budget items for protocol amendments in real-time.

Enhance forecasting for your future trials.

Access a clear financial picture of the true cost of your trials for more accurate financial forecasting and resource planning.

Gain visibility into financial needs per study participant and per procedure.
Automate routine financial tasks to free up staff members to focus on higher-value activities.
Centralize up-to-date financial data for all relevant stakeholders.

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Why use Site Financials to better manage clinical trial invoices and payments?

Learn how Site Financials empowers sites to improve the financial management of clinical trials, leading to better cost control, more efficient processes, and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

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About Site Financials

Where is Site Financials available?
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It's currently available for all sites based in the United States.

Is Site Financials compliant with data protection laws?
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Yes. Site Financials is compliant with data protection laws. The Data Protection team at OneStudyTeam actively tracks and monitors the ever-changing regulatory landscape to remain compliant as new regulations are introduced. OneStudyTeam recognizes that field can change quickly and we take an active stance toward compliance. Learn more about our data security and privacy here.

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