Paper workflows

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Upgrade to StudyTeamtm eSource

Easy-to-use and secure, eSource is the recommended method for capturing source data in one, central place.

Manage more data digitally in all of your clinical trials with StudyTeam eSource.

With StudyTeam eSource, we create electronic source forms for your site to effectively capture and manage source data per protocol, right within StudyTeam.

With source forms customized for your study, you can reduce the challenges of paper-only source documentation, including:

Manually creating source templates for every trial
Missed, inaccurate, or illegible data input
Paying for long-term archiving of paper-based binders
Delayed study startup due to preparation time

With StudyTeam eSource, you can enhance workflows across your clinical trials.

Take your productivity to the next level and free up time for patient care.

Greater accuracy

Improve data accuracy with the legibility of digital data entry along with built-in validation and checks.

Secure storage

Activate secure storage when you organize source data into electronic patient binders.

Organize documents

If you prefer paper, print templates with QR codes, then upload and automatically categorize completed forms.

Remote access

Remotely grant access to other stakeholders for PI review and authentication, auditing, monitoring and Source Data Verification.


About StudyTeam eSource

Where is StudyTeam eSource available?
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It's currently available for all sites based in the United States.

Is StudyTeam eSource compliant with data protection laws?
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Yes. StudyTeam eSource is compliant with data protection laws. The Data Protection team at OneStudyTeam actively tracks and monitors the ever-changing regulatory landscape to remain compliant as new regulations are introduced. OneStudyTeam recognizes that field can change quickly and we take an active stance toward compliance.Learn more about our data security and privacy here.

Is StudyTeam eSource compliant with 21 CFR Part 11?
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Yes, OneStudyTeam employs industry best practices to keep your data secure and accessible. Detailed standard operating procedures have been developed to ensure StudyTeam eSource is validated and in compliance with applicable regulations such as the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11.

Can I customize my eSource documents?
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Yes. While we build the templates for you, you are welcome to customize the source templates so they fit best with your workflow.

Does my site need to have StudyTeam in order to use StudyTeam eSource?
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Yes. For the most streamlined workflows, the electronic eSource binders are built right into StudyTeam, where you may already be managing patient pre-screening and enrollment. Sites can get the StudyTeam patient enrollment management platform for free.

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