Want to capture source faster while improving accuracy?

Our eSource solution in StudyTeam® is easy to use, allowing you to capture source data faster, reduce protocol deviations, improve accuracy, and provide additional flexibility for your monitors.


Flexibility in capturing source data to match & improve your process

Use paper or digital or both in the same study

Source forms created for you

We create source forms for your site to effectively capture and manage source data per protocol, saving you time.

Fewer protocol deviations

Serves as turn-by-turn directions for you to follow the protocol while built-in validations and checks improve data accuracy.

Secure storage

Secure, long-term digital storage saves you physical storage space while creating easier access to documents.

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About eSource in StudyTeam

Where is StudyTeam's eSource solution available?
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It's currently available for all sites based in the United States.

Is StudyTeam's eSource solution compliant with data protection laws?
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Yes. StudyTeam's eSource solution is compliant with data protection laws. The Data Protection team at OneStudyTeam actively tracks and monitors the ever-changing regulatory landscape to remain compliant as new regulations are introduced. OneStudyTeam recognizes that field can change quickly and we take an active stance toward compliance. Learn more about our data security and privacy here.

Is StudyTeam's eSource solution compliant with 21 CFR Part 11?
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Yes, OneStudyTeam employs industry best practices to keep your data secure and accessible. Detailed standard operating procedures have been developed to ensure StudyTeam's eSource solution is validated and in compliance with applicable regulations such as the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11.

Does my site need to have StudyTeam in order to use StudyTeam's eSource solution?
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Yes. For the most streamlined workflows, the electronic eSource binders are built right into StudyTeam, where you may already be managing patient pre-screening and enrollment.

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The user-friendly platform, ease of use, and real-time patient updates are what captured our attention for our company. Immediately, our company felt the benefits of StudyTeam and we were confident no potential patients fell through the cracks.

Rebecca Goldfaden
Vice President of Clinical Operations
East Coast Institute for Research


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