Manage slot allocation easily and efficiently in StudyTeam.

Simplify the coordination of slot management by eliminating disparate tracking and communication tools while reducing manual processes between site and sponsor teams.

Traditional methods fall short

Both sponsors and sites involved in early-phase clinical trials often struggle to efficiently coordinate and manage slot allocation, also known as cohort management, for a number of reasons.

An excess of tools from emails to spreadsheets lead to inefficient workflows
There is no single location to monitor slot updates, so volume and progress of slot requests are unclear
Manual processes like email and phone submissions cost time and accuracy

Send slot requests to your sponsors in real time, right in StudyTeam for Sites.

Review potential candidates and issue slot requests to sponsors to approve, deny, or waitlist
Be notified of a sponsor’s decision in real time
Take action quickly on patient enrollment upon receiving a slot approval
Consolidate tracking for slot requests, slot allocation, and enrollment progress in a single location

Easily review and approve slot requests across sites from a centralized location

Approve, deny, or waitlist requests easily and quickly
Automatically notify sites when decisions are made
Generate an automatic audit trail, saving the timestamped history of each slot request status and related changes
Allocate slots on a first-come, first-served basis with timestamps and notifications if desired

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Top sponsors use technology to address challenges in early-phase clinical trials

Top pharmaceutical sponsors including Sanofi, Seagen, and Novartis discuss how technology solutions like StudyTeam's Slot Management feature can address challenges specific to early-phase clinical trials.

Early Phase Webinar

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