FAQ for Sponsors and CROs

Quick answers to your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is StudyTeam for Sponsors?

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StudyTeam for Sponsors is a cloud-based clinical trial solution that helps clinical trial teams enroll studies faster and more predictably by giving them earlier visibility to the full patient recruitment and patient enrollment picture at sites.

Can my central recruitment campaign be integrated with StudyTeam?

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Yes. A number of recruitment companies have already integrated with StudyTeam to deliver referrals directly into a site’s daily workflow. If your preferred recruitment partner is not one of the companies already integrated with StudyTeam, we can work with them to establish the integration as we activate StudyTeam for your portfolio. This will allow your sites to access all potential patients in one place, removing burden from them and increasing the effectiveness of your recruitment campaigns.
Contact us to learn more about our Referral Partner Interface (RPI) functionality that makes these integrations easy to implement.

When should we start using StudyTeam for Sponsors on a trial?

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It’s best to begin using StudyTeam before patient enrollment starts. Ideally, we begin planning together during site selection. However, StudyTeam can also accelerate patient enrollment for studies that are already underway.

What will my sites think about StudyTeam?

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On over 100 studies, when given a choice, 93% of sites have chosen to use StudyTeam over other methods of managing patient recruitment and enrollment. Additionally, 99% of those that try StudyTeam use it again on future trials.

Which sites benefit from using StudyTeam?

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StudyTeam is used by all types of research sites including academic medical centers (AMC), sites in hospital settings and private clinics, independent research sites, and site networks.

What types of trials can benefit from StudyTeam?

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StudyTeam can be used on Phase 1 - 4 clinical trials across nearly all therapeutic areas.

In which countries is StudyTeam currently available?

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StudyTeam is currently available in 100 countries and counting. We are actively expanding to new regions - please contact us to get our most up-to-date country map!

What is the process for activating StudyTeam?

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StudyTeam activation is very lightweight for site, sponsor, and CRO teams. OneStudyTeam’s Customer Success team does most of the work. We configure the software for your trial, onboard and train both sites and sponsors/CROs, and provide ongoing support for all users. Usually we have StudyTeam up and running on your trial about one month after a kick-off meeting.