FAQ for Clinical Research Sites

Quick answers to your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is StudyTeam for Sites?

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StudyTeam for Sites is a cloud-based system that helps clinical research sites discover, pre-screen, and enroll patients. StudyTeam saves valuable time for site staff and helps sites and sponsors work together more effectively. Sites can use StudyTeam for free across all their trials.

What do I get when I activate StudyTeam for my site?

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You get a software application designed for the workflow of clinical research coordinators, recruitment coordinators, and site directors. You get rich patient recruitment and patient enrollment reports, an intuitive patient recruitment tracker, and a database for your research patients. You also get industry-leading support from OneStudyTeam's Customer Success team, ready to answer questions and provide guidance for using the software.

How does StudyTeam streamline communication with sponsors?

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When both you and your sponsor are using StudyTeam, you can share important information about patient recruitment and pre-screening with your sponsor easily and automatically. This cuts out the need to email, fax, or call in recruitment updates, thus saving you valuable time that you can devote to caring for patients.

How many users can I have at my site?

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StudyTeam is a cloud-based system that is free for an unlimited number of users at your site. Each user can log into your StudyTeam account and simultaneously view the same information, which makes for faster, more collaborative patient recruitment and patient enrollment management.