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Please be aware of fraudulent activities from individuals or organizations claiming to represent Reify Health in recruitment activities. The Reify Health recruitment process includes phone and Zoom interviews. We do not conduct interviews via email and never require payment or fees from job applicants. If you receive a suspicious email message or phone call about recruiting on behalf of Reify Health, do not provide any personal information or pay any fees. Learn more about recruitment scams at the FTC:

Becoming OneStudyTeam

Just like the work we do to unite the clinical trial ecosystem, we created the OneStudyTeam branding with thoughtfulness, consideration, and intention. From the colors to the shape of the logo, every detail reflects who we are and what we aim to achieve. Both new and familiar, our branding captures the mission shared by our technology and our people: connect and enable every stakeholder to carry out the work of research better, sooner, together. Here's a peek at the intention behind OneStudyTeam's new logo:


There is a moment we all arrive at when working at OneStudyTeam, where you realize what it takes to bring new breakthrough medicine to the world. It is a great “Aha!” that comes from seeing all the people who participate in this worthy multi-generational endeavour, who work in their respective silos, that we realize... we must aim to address bottlenecks and remove friction throughout the ways we work together.

We must become OneStudyTeam.


There were ideas that we were mindful of when thinking about a mark to represent who we are and what we aim to achive.


OneStudyTeam aims to create workflows that reduce, or remove, friction caused by working in separate organizations


OneStudyTeam recognizes different perspectives and aims to connect them in ways to function more like a single team, stronger together


OneStudyTeam aims to advance medicine forward, better, and faster


OneStudyTeam is here to serve a diverse humanity and strives to be representative of that in which we serve - we embrace diversity as a strength.



In addition to some conceptual themes, we thought about 5 perspective categories that make up one study team on clinical trials.

Solutions Providers
Solutions Providers


The mark was mostly derived from the Reify Health brand colors and font, with some intentional adjustments. The green and blue are colors used as primary brand colors in StudyTeam Sites and Sponsors products. The logotype is the color Spruce color and of the same modified Robinson font. The other colors, slightly modified to increase intensity, were unused, but defined in the guidelines, which were reserved for future perspective product branding.

OneStudyTeam logo


The mark is a monogram for our namesake. The shape has dimension drawn from similar roots as our sister company Care Access’s logo – a mobius. Motion can also be seen like a propeller or force moving upward, out, or forward. The assembly is continuous like a ring and the overlapping shapes suggest a braid like rope. Each part is a crescent like the moon which can be seen on our parent’s theme – the horizon. The crescent is a transition state within the moon cycle and represents the “in progress” nature of what we are all a part of in building OneStudyTeam.


Create the better world you want to live in.
Wear it with pride.


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